What are Renditions?

An Epic Rendition is a well-written, rhyming and rhythmic "story" about yourself that can be used for any number of purposes limited only by your imagination. You provide the unique details, and we provide the expert wording. We place the wording on special paper and frame it. You have the option to upgrade this to a crystal or wooden plaque. Click here for a quick preview of some plaques.

This site is designed to help you gather information about yourself. Via your "Rendition Profile" you let us know if you want to use your Rendition for Social Media, your job, or anything else. It includes our Memory Optimizers and a list of Over 400 Adjectives that make it easy.

A Rendition about yourself might look something like the sample Rendition to the right. When you view the full Rendition, please read the sample Rendition Profile also, so you will know what the Rendition was based on. Both are on the same page. Please click here to view them.

Sometimes it's a very helpful exercise for a person to think deeply about who he or she really is. Do most people know the important things about you? Perhaps what you value most in life, your likes, your dislikes, your pet peeves, and how you perceive yourself may be quite different from what others think. If you're like most people, much of what makes you who you are is virtually unknown even to many people who are close to you. Well, if you want to set the record straight in a fun and artisitc way, consider an Epic Rendition?

Epic Renditions are perfect for just about any occasion, and the more times you read them, the better they sound!

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Because Words Can Mean So Much!

It's Me - The New Eddie

~ ~ ~
People think they know me
But they’re IN for a surprise
So here’s a chance to get a glimpse
Of me through MY own eyes

I hope you’ll take a moment now
To read my little rhyme
I’m different than I used to be
Once upon a time


Note: Your Rendition will contain the entire text!
You can choose any style of paper or plaque.

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