What are Renditions?

An Epic Rendition is a well-written, rhyming and rhythmic "story" about someone or something noteworthy in the workplacde. Employers give Renditions to Employees to acknowledge their efforts and show their deep appreciation. The Employee's supervisor and peers provide us with relevant information using our tools, and we provide the expert wording. Then we place the wording on special paper and frame it. At checkout, there is an option to upgrade this to a crystal or wooden plaque. Click here for a quick preview of some plaques.

This site is designed to help you gather information about the Employee via the "Rendition Profile." Our tools include our Memory Optimizers and a list of Over 400 Adjectives that facilitate the process.

You can find Rendition samples by dropping down on one of the brown menu bar items above (e.g. "Corporate Renditions") and selecting any item with a sample, such as "Employee (see Sample)."

Epic Renditions are excellent for various business occasions, and the more times you read them, the better they sound!

If your company wants to keep its workforce happy and motivated, Epic Renditions are a great way to do it. Consider giving for your Employees Renditions on their "Dates of Service" Anniversaries. Upon an Employees one-year anniversary, if they have met their objectives or otherwise performed well, give them an Epic Rendition. This will encourage other Employees to perform well also. Any Anniversary can be a cause to reward someone and to give them the recognition they have earned. High Employee performance is contagious if it is handled properly!

We love a challenge here, and we're still waiting for someone to stump us. As long as we get a good Rendition Profile, we can create anything. So, if something is on your mind, let us know. 

Let your imagination go. If you can think it, we can devise a great way to say it.

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Corporate Renditions

Employee Recognition Awards, Retirements, Promotions, Employee of the Month Awards, Best Customer Awards, Top Salesperson Awards, etc.


Loved Ones, Friends, Sons, Daughters, Mom, Dad, Grandchildren, Teachers, Coaches, Nurses, and even You! Check out "It's Me - The New Eddie!"


Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Anniversaries, Mother's Day, Congratulations, Sweet 16's, Valentine's Day, and even "I'm Sorry!"