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For Manager of the Year - Jenny!

Jenny: Highly productive at work, has become a very highly respected underwriter at Goldman Sachs. She is extremely dedicated to her work and she can be tough to work with and she knows it! She does not tolerate slackers or disorganized people, and she runs a “tight ship!" She very much likes to be in charge, and grew her division with amazing success. She started with a staff of 2, and now has a staff of 23. Jenny is a very gifted individual, i.e. smart, funny, playful and attractive… but very short on patience. She can be stubborn but does not think she is.  Jenny can be deceptive, and definitely has a huge ego. She enjoys power and is a perfectionist. She does not take herself too seriously; she can definitely laugh at herself. As her friends, staff and clients, we would like to recognize her 15 years of service and thank her for being who she is.



The Goldman Sachs Girl!

Our Jenny finds a way to do a thousand things a day
And one thing that’s for certain is she really earns her pay
Just how she does a thousand things, and does them all so well,
We'll never know, but we’re as happy as our clientele
So maybe it’s because of how she’s learned to underwrite
Or it's because the ship she runs is always run so tight
Or maybe it’s because she’s always been so dedicated
Either way her Goldman passion cannot be debated
If you work for Jenny you had better be productive,
Otherwise to her you'll only prove to be obstructive
God gave Jenny many gifts, too many gifts to count
Her mind, her wit, her playfulness and looks are paramount
It may appear that when it comes to shortfalls she has none
But when I think about it, though, her patience may be one
And when you tell her she is stubborn, (that’s what you’ve decided)
She'll convince you, then she'll show you, how you’re so misguided
Jenny tends to be deceptive; always has a plan
With a very healthy ego, matching any man
On the job she seeks to be in charge, coordinating
That's because for Jenny, “full control” is fascinating
Nothing's quite worth doing if it's not done to perfection
Therefore, why not do it under Jenny's close direction?
Jenny please don’t leave us, just the thought can make us nervous
Thank you for your 15 years of dedicated service!
Your Friends, Staff and Clients
Goldman Sachs
July 2007

© Copyright Positive Impact Corporation, 2007

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