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Is this Website Safe?

We've built in the highest level of safety available. The green address bar above indicates that this Web page is secured by Extended Validation (EV) SSL. Our business passed a rigorous identification process conducted by Symantec, the most recognized SSL provider on the Internet.

How can I make sure I get a great Epic Rendition?

The best thing you can do is provide us with good information about your Rendition. Use our Memory Optimizers and our list of Over 400 Adjectives to help you. Tell us what's most important and take the time you need to create the Rendition Profile. If the Rendition is about a person, the more you can tell us about his or her personality the better. For example, if you tell us that the Recipient is very family oriented, or perhaps very career-minded, we will focus on those personal preferences. Likewise, if we know he or she has a keen sense of humor, we can make it funny and lighthearted. If your Rendition is about a business entity or any other topic, be as creative and imaginative as you can. Include in your Profile things that will be interesting and fun to read. Bear in mind that flattering comments are great. The second thing you can do is to realize that we, too, need time. The more time you can give us to write the Rendition, the better. We want your Rendition to be truly Epic!

How do most people react to getting a Rendition?

If the Rendition is for a loved one, he or she may think you wrote it yourself. Be prepared with what you will say when that is their reaction. We recommend that you say that although you did not actually create the wording, that you worked pretty hard on compiling the information and that it caused you to think about them, and that you really enjoyed the process. Add that the place that actually wrote it spent quite a bit of time getting the wording just right, and they want you to be happy with it. Let them know that if he or she wants a change made to the wording, that we will do it. You may also show them the creation history that transpired between our Composers, (an edit that shows the various versions of the Rendition in various stages of completion). These edits are our way of making sure the Story, the Rhythm, and the Rhyme are all ideal!

If the Rendition is for a business colleague, they will probably know you had it done professionally. They may not know how or where you got the personal information about them, though. Tell them whatever you want. They will be happy knowing that considerable time and effort went into finding out so much about them. They will never forget that they received a fully-customized Rendition from you and your company.

Why are the Renditions so expensive?

Actually, they are not expensive when you consider the amount of time that goes into creating an Epic Rendition. Our Renditions do not just roll off our tongues. They take many hours or days to create, and in some cases even more time! From a value perspective, if you think about how long the Gift Recipient will enjoy a 100% customized, completely personalized Rendition, they are not expensive at all.

Looking at it another way, excellent finished products look great, but the time and effort that go into creating them are usually unnoticed by everyone except a person with a trained eye. For example, when someone adds a new addition to their home, or puts in a new, hardwood floor, it's only the contractor and the homeowner who really knew the effort involved. Our Epic Renditions also require much more effort than it appears. Each Rendition goes through many iterations and is carefully reviewed and critiqued by at least one other Composer prior to its release.

Other gifts do not create the same feelings and do not last as long in people's hearts!

Will the Gift Recipient know how much I paid for the Rendition?

Actually, the Gift Recipient will probably not know the extent of your investment in the Rendition (at least not at first). However, since it's likely that he or she will consider getting an Epic Rendition for someone else, he or she will understand what's involved in the process of creating a Rendition Profile, and in purchasing an Epic Rendition.

What if I don't like my Rendition?

This is rare, but anything is possible, right? First, we will do all we can to make you happy by revising the Rendition. Most of the time, this is sufficient, but you must be happy or we are not happy. We will listen even closer to your concerns and revise your Rendition to your liking. If after those efforts, you are still not satisfied, we will either provide you with a credit for another Rendition or we will refund all or part of your investment. As long as the Rendition Profile you provide us with contains enough information, we believe that we will exceed your expectations, which is our ultimate goal. See Our Guarantee.

How long in advance should I order an Epic Rendition from the delivery date?

The simple answer to that is: the more time you spend on the Rendition Profile and the more time we have to create your Rendition, the better it will be. If you have the luxury of time, we suggest that you provide up to three months of lead time. This gives both you and us enough time to do our respective parts in order to create a great Rendition. Once the wording has been approved by you, your Baudville Plaque/Rendition can actually ship out as early as that day, or the next business day. If you ordered a Nature Walk Plaque/Rendition, you should allow between 2 and 4 weeks for us to ship it out to you.

How does the process work once I make my payment for my Rendition? Do I get a chance to approve it?

The process works like this. When you submit your order, you should finalize your Rendition Profile as soon as you can (while bearing in mind that we recommend that you take enough time to "get it right"). When we have completed your Rendition, we will send it to you for your approval before we do any engraving. If you have ordered an engraved plaque or other tangible media for etching of your wording, we will be sure to get your approval prior to engraving anything. You will be the ultimate judge of your Rendition. See Our Guarantee.

What if my Rendition plaque arrives damaged?

We work with two premier plaque makers. In addition to creating excellent looking products, they carefully pack and ship them to eliminate virtually all shipping related damages. However, if a product is damaged in shipping, just let us know and we will contact them on your behalf and provide a replacement at no cost to you. We may ask you to return the damaged item, depending upon the item and its condition.

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