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Make your Company's Anniversary something to really celebrate! Don't waste a golden opportunity to boost your company's image!

If your company is celebrating an Anniversary or some other special event, it's probably a great opportunity to get some exposure. This must be done judiciously, though. By properly celebrating the event, you can get newspaper and social media attention at no cost. Or you may choose to spend a few dollars on TV or Radio advertising. You can enhance the value of whichever approach you take by creating a completely customized Rhyming and Rhythmic Epic Rendition to commemorate the event.

Our Renditions are unique tributes that promote something or honor someone. If your company wants to celebrate its Anniversary, or perhaps the Anniversary of a certain product or any kind of milestone, a Rendition will help to get the message across. What's more, a well-written Rendition is very memorable, so your message will last longer! 

As you know, the proper wording and tone is essential to delivering your message. Our specially trained team of wordsmiths (called Composers) generate our Renditions based upon the Rendition Profiles. Upon completion, each Rendition is reviewed by at least one other Composer before delivery. All Renditions must pass final inspection by the most important person around... You! We must meet or exceed your expectations every time. (See our guarantee.) It is not unusual for a Corporate Rendition to go back and forth many times before it is finalized. For this reason, we ask that you give us as much time as possible to create each of our Renditions.  

Your Epic Rendition will be so good that you will want to consider printing them to paper and giving them to each of the attendees. They are sure to read them after they leave the event. Perfect Rhyme and Rhythm sells! 

If you're interested in reading some of our other Renditions, we suggest that you relax, sit in a comfortable chair with a nice beverage, and take your time. Like a great song, you cannot appreciate or enjoy a Rendition if you fast-forward through it. Our rhythm is our "trademark," so let yourself "feel the rhythm." Also, like a great song, the more times you hear a Rendition, the more you will like it! Read them a few times and you will see what we mean. Please be sure that you read the Rendition Profiles first. These describe the Gift Recipient and are the entire basis for our Renditions. They appear at the beginning of each Rendition. Try placing yourself in the Gift Recipient's position as you read!

We are often asked if this is poetry. We try to avoid the words "poetry" and "poems" because they are misleading terms when compared to what we do. "Poets" write "Poems" and poems generally contain similes, metaphors and other fancy, poetry-related words that most of us simply cannot relate to. However, at Epic Renditions, we have specially trained "Composers" who write "Renditions," which are quite different from poems. We use simple, everyday words, and we exclude words with deep meanings that need to be contemplated. We don't use similes, metaphors, or anything that makes our Renditions hard to read. Instead, our Renditions are designed to read the way we speak, but with an intricate, well-designed Rhythm and Rhyme that flows smoothly and tells a great story. The "star" of the story is the Gift Recipient.

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Corporate Renditions

Employee Recognition Awards, Retirements, Promotions, Employee of the Month Awards, Best Customer Awards, Top Salesperson Awards, etc.


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